Faulty Fog Lights – What To Look Out For

Faulty fog lights can not only be irritating but can be extremely dangerous if the fog suddenly descends. They are a very important feature of any car and must be checked and serviced regularly to ensure you are as safe as possible when travelling in your vehicle. They are usually found low on the front of the car and have a very different beam shape when compared to your normal headlights.

In this blog post, we are going to go over the most common signs of faulty fog lights, and why you should repair them.

What Are Fog Lights Used For?

Fog lights are used for the occasions when you are driving on the road, and fog descends. They are specially designed to shine down on the road, illuminating the road beneath the fog; they are located at the bottom of the front of your vehicle in order to not bounce back off of the fog and affect your vision.

Symptoms Of Faulty Fog Lights

Your Fog Lights Won’t Turn On

One of the most common symptoms of faulty fog lights is when they simply won’t turn on when activated. If your car does not have automatic fog lights, you will need to flip a switch to turn them on; this works like any other electrical switch and can fail and stop working for many reasons. If your fog lights will not turn on, both manually and automatically, take your car to your local garage and have it checked out.

Flickering Or Dim Lights

Another common symptom is if your fog lights are dim or constantly flickering. If your fog light switch has any form of internal problem, it could prevent your fog lights from working correctly. Flickering fog lights can be extremely annoying and dangerous, as can dim fog lights. If your fog lights are dim, you may as well not have any lights on at all. It is important to have this checked as soon as possible, as there could also be a problem with your fog light bulbs too.

The Fuse Is Blown

If your car has a short power surge of some kind, it could blow the fuse of your fog lights; this will completely disable your fog lights and render them absolutely useless. You can reactivate the power by just replacing the fuse in your car, but the fuse could blow again if the power surge happens again. If this happens, you should definitely have your vehicle checked out by a professional, to ensure that it does not happen a third time; there could be a more serious problem with your vehicle and it’s vital that you do not leave this problem unattended.

We Can Help With Fog Light Issues

If you are having issues with the fog lights on your vehicle, you can come to our local car repair garage to resolve the problems. Our team of experts will carry out an investigation and locate the source of the issue, and resolve it at an extremely competitive price. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, call 01923 268 082 or 07850 359 668 today.