Using the latest diagnostic equipment from Sun and Bosch we will provide you with a quality service and we also offer mobile servicing and repairs, with a free local pick- up and delivery service and a complimentary courtesy car if we need to keep your vehicle for a period of time.
There are significant benefits to servicing your vehicle regularly and with MotorSolve, including:

  • Lower risk of breakdown and therefore reduction of vehicle downtime
  • Smaller overall repair costs across the life of the vehicle
  • Reduction in excess fuel consumption
  • Lower costs than the main dealers charge
  • Courtesy car availabe (pre-booked, but your own insurance)
  • Collect and deliver back service available (within reasonable distance)

MotorSolve is committed to car repair and servicing all vehicles to the manufacturers’ recommended servicing schedules. We always use top quality recommended parts so your warrantly is never invalidated and all our repairs are carried out to the highest standard. We will stamp your service book and re-set yoru service indicaterd where needed. If during the service we identify any work that needs to be carried out to ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle, we will contact you with a cost estimate and ensure you are happy for us to proceed before commencing the work.
Choose from a full annual service or an intermediate service to ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly.

Full Service

Our comprehensive annual car service helps to ensure trouble-free motoring. We aim to exceed manufacturers’ service schedules with up to ….. checks and adjustments as well as the replacement of spark plugs and the air filter element, along with changing the engine oil and oil filter.
Our full car servicing varies from vehicle to vehicle but as a guide always includes:

  • Changing engine oil
  • Checking battery and alternator
  • Replacing spark plugs, air filter, cabin filter, oil filter and fuel filter (where required)
  • Checking all switches inside vehicle
  • Checking seat belts, windows and door operation
  • Lubricating all hinges and locks
  • Checking tyres for pressure, wear damage and punctures
  • Checking and cleaning all brakes
  • Checking exhaust, suspension and steering
  • Checking all levels and carrying out emissions checks
  • Checking headlight alignment
  • Brake test road test

Intermediate Car Service

MotorSolve also offers an intermediate car service to ensure your car continues to run smoothly, which includes:

  • Changing the engine oil and filter
  • Checking all levels
  • Checking lights, tyres, battery and alternator
  • Checking the underside of vehicle and a general all over check