Engine Management, Gearbox Repair and Replacement in Hemel Hempstead, Watford and Bushey



Problems with the vehicle engine management, fuel & ignition systems may cause:

  • Difficult Starting
  • Engine Misfire (Ignition misfire may set P 0300 fault code)
  • Intermittent stalling of the engine
  • Loss of engine performance & sluggish acceleration
  • Engine temperature faults eg, overheating
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Illumination of the check engine light

We can effectively diagnose engine problems and supply and fit fuel filters, filter heads, lift pumps, diesel fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors, glow plugs, heater plug relays and cam belts. Our mechanics are experts in engine rebuilds, engine decoking and head gasket repairs.

Gearbox repairs and replacement

We can diagnose most transmission problems and repair or replace most manual gearboxes. We are typically considerably cheaper than other main dealer repair centres and will not simply take the more expensive route of suggesting a new gearbox where a repair can be completed at a much lower cost.