The New Hybrid Cars Coming to the Market

Maybe you’re not ready for a full electric car yet, there are so many plug-in hybrid cars at the moment, with many more set to dominate the market. Maybe you’re interested in buying a new car, well have you considered a hybrid, not only will they save you money, they also provide an excellent performance.

Many new car buyers have had to put their new purchase on hold over the last few months, many car makers have suffered from reduced sales due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With this in mind, it’s never been more essential to introduce new cars to the market, helping to provide buyers with more choice than ever before. It’s also another great way to encourage buyers to consider new hybrid cars.

What’s more is you will get useful emissions-free driving range as well as a full electric car with low charging times, the backup petrol engines also means you’ll never need to worry about recharging your battery on long journeys.

New plug-in hybrid technology is being used in both sports cars and high performance vehicles, here we take a look at the new hybrid cars coming to the market in 2020-21.

Toyota Yaris Cross

Toyota are pioneers of hybridge vehicles and this new range of hybrid cars is the perfect hybrid city crossover. It’s one of the smallest SUVs on the market and is also easily affordable.

Another vehicle with great interior space that’s great for driving in around busy high traffic city areas.

Volkswagen Tiguan eHybrid

The VW Tiguan eHybrid is a medium sized SUV, this new version includes a revised high performance engine and well as an improved interior space. It can run alone for up to 31 miles and tops speeds of 81 miles per hour.

Cupra Formentor

This hybrid vehicle offers a top of the range performance, closely matched to the petrol model, it also allows you to adjust the suspension and any other parameters in order to match your driving style. The Formentor is a family car and is very spacious along with a large boot and great safety features.

Seat Leon e-Hybrid

This is the first plug-in hybrid car from Seat and the battery can be fully changed from empty in just three hours.

Honda Jazz & Jazz Crosstar

This hybrid car’s technology works great in the city, especially in those areas where diself and petrol models tend to be the least efficient.

Already a popular car model, the Honda Jazz comes with vast interior space and clever features, a great option for city goers and driving about town.


Whichever hybrid you go for, trust that they won’t let you down! Known for being some of the most reliable vehicles on the market, hybrids are predominantly the way to go.