Telltale Signs That Your Car Oil Needs Changing

When checking your car for faults, there are some telltale signs that your oil needs to be changed. In this blog, we will tell you what the most common signs are and why you should make the change as soon as possible.

The Signs

Unusual Engine Noise

If you notice unusual noises coming from your engine, it indicates that you should change the oil as soon as possible. The oil lubricates all of the moving parts inside of the engine itself and also helps it to cool down. The noises coming from your engine show that the oil is no longer working and has more than likely run out, meaning that your engine will not work correctly. The noises you could hear will sound like tapping and rumbling; these are not the noises that you want to hear and if you allow them to continue unchecked, your engine will crash and can cause serious damage to yourself and your vehicle.

Your Oil Is Dirty

One of the most common signs that your oil needs to be changed if it is dirty. To check the cleanliness of your oil, you should use a dipstick and wipe it on a piece of fabric; doing this at least once a month is a brilliant way of keeping track of how things are going with your car, and allows you to figure out whether or not the oil should be replaced.

The oil will get a little darker the longer that it is used, so don’t worry if you notice this. However, if you notice that the oil is almost black in colour and is also cloudy, change the oil immediately.

You Can Smell Oil

If you are sat behind the wheel and you can smell the oil, then there is more than likely a leak somewhere. Alongside the smell of oil, if you can also smell exhaust fumes or gas, your car is probably overheating. Have you noticed any unusual smells in your car lately? Check the oil and repair the leak as soon as you can.

Excessive Exhaust Fumes

Your car should not emit an excessive amount of exhaust fumes under any circumstances. Of course, a little vapour is completely normal, but if grey or blue smoke is coming out of your exhaust then it indicates that the oil is burning somewhere in your car.

Issues With Your Engine

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, and the engine oil is the lifeblood. In order to ensure your car runs as smoothly as possible, you should make sure your engine works properly. If you don’t make the oil change when necessary, your engine will breakdown soon after. Your car will perform extremely poorly and the engine will overheat and suffer. If you think that your engine is not working as well as it should, check the oil and replace it.

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