Loose Steering: The Warning Signs

Steering is a vital part of driving, so you need to be sure that you rely on the steering system in your vehicle every time you sit down in the drivers seat. If you think that your steering is becoming more loose, there are a few telltale warning signs that you should keep an eye out for. In this blog post, we are going to outline the most common warning signs of loose steering, and what you can do to test for loose steering problems.

The Warning Signs

Difficulty Turning The Wheel

The majority of vehicles have power steering nowadays, and if you do, this could indicate that your steering system has a problem. The first thing that you should do is check whether the fluid reservoir is full and if it isn’t, fill it up. If the next time that you check it has reduced, check under your car for signs of a leak. The most common areas that you will find a leak is in the pump, hoses, or the steering rack of your vehicle.

Your Steering Wheel Slips

If your steering wheel starts to slip when you try and hold it in a turned position, your power steering is probably failing. This is one of the most common warning signs of loose steering and can be caused by worn steering rack mounts, or worn or loose steering belts.

Unusual Noises

If you are hearing unusual noises coming from your car, such as grinding or screeching when you turn the steering wheel, you could have a loose steering problem. Usually caused by a loose or worn steering belt, screeching can also be a sign of low power steering fluid levels.

Foaming Or Discoloured Fluid

If your power steering fluid starts to foam or becomes discoloured, water or air has been mixed with the fluid which means that it is not lubricating the components properly.

Knocking Noise When Hitting Bumps

Do you hear a knocking noise when you are going over speed bumps and other bumps in the road? If you do, check your power steering immediately, do not risk losing your steering when you are driving.

Pulling To One Side

This is a problem with a worn steering gear; wear-and-tear on your steering gear is usually caused by a lack of lubrication from your power steering fluid, so you should also check for leaks if your vehicle pulls to one side.

Motorsolve Can Help

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