Know the rules to pass you MOT

Know the Rules Regarding MOTS

Get Familiar with Your Yearly MOT

Every year you have to go for your MOT and normally it’s a task that is accompanied by lots of hang wringing, anxiety and frantic calls to your bank manager. Yes cheap MOT’s may be a pain but they are necessarily to ensure that only roadworthy cars are driving around. To help you get to grips with you upcoming cheap MOT it makes sense to brush up on the rules and understand what is expected of you and what will happen on the big day.

It’s Your Responsibility

The first thing you should know about your MOT is that it is your responsibility to remember the date to book it in and to take it there. You won’t receive any friendly notices in the post reminding you that your car is due for its mot. If you are caught driving without an MOT then you will face serious consequences and a nasty fine. It isn’t worth the risk; you can book your MOT in advance and usually enjoy cheaper deals.

Costs are Limited

Another great thing to remember about mots and a point that should make you smile is that the prices for mots are capped. This means that you should never pay more than the maximum test cost which is £54.85. Of course you can find cheap MOT’s for £25 at your local Watford repair center as long as you are prepared and book in advance.

Watch out for Minor Fails

Every year many cars fail their cheap MOT in Watford due to not checking the simple things that can lead to a fast fail. Make sure that you have checked all your bulbs are working and your tyres have enough tread left in them to be considered roadworthy. It is always better to fix your car prior to its MOT to avoid running the risk of it failing.