Do You Ever Put Off Visiting Your Watford MOT Garage?

With up to one third of people in certain areas of the UK admitting that they drive around without a valid MOT we want to ask you, do you ever put off going to your local Watford MOT Garage?

A survey by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders discovered that a whopping ten million car owners have driven around without a valid MOT! If you think that’s shocking take a look at the figures within the figures; of that 10 million, 67% drove without an MOT for a week, 24% drove up to a month without one and a crazy and irresponsible 7% drove for 6 months without a valid MOT certificate!

 Don’t ‘Forget’ To Go To Your Watford MOT Garage!

Knowing that we have so many cars on the road that are potentially so dangerous means that we have to make a change, and soon! Given that the main reason that people say they don’t go for an MOT Watford is because they forget there should be a simple solution. Forgetfulness is probably a genuine reason for a lot of people but forgetting to visit your Watford MOT Garage could have dire consequences if you are driving a car that hasn’t got an up to date MOT.

Campaigners who are worried about these unsafe drivers want a statutory reminder service, kind of like Tax Disc reminder service. We have to say this is a great idea! If the powers that be could send out a reminder to all those forgetful drivers before the yearly check was due, we’re sure we’d have safer roads and happier drivers coming into our Watford MOT Center!


Other than the fact that you could be driving around in a ticking time bomb and putting both the lives of others and your own in jeopardy there is a monetary cost to not having a valid MOT certificate. Here’s why you need to visit your Watford MOT center every year:

  • Not having a valid MOT is an offence under Section 47 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.
  • You can get fined up to £1,000!
  • Your insurance will become invalid.
  • You could get done for an offence of driving without insurance and get between 6-8 points on your license!

So if staying safe is not an incentive enough to always visit your local Watford MOT Garage then maybe knowing how much trouble you will get in will change your mind.