Number One Car Brake Specialists

Motorsolve can replace the brakes on any make or model of vehicle and holds stock on the widest possible selection of brakes, regardless of shape and size. So, if your brakes need replacing, we should be able to do it that very day.

We operate a Fixed Price Brake Replacement Schedule based on your engine size.

Brake Maintenance

Brake checks are an important part of your vehicle servicing requirements, so we recommend that you have your brakes inspected periodically and not just when you have your MOT test. If you tend to use your car mainly for short journeys for instance, it is likely that you will wear the brakes down quicker than if the car is used predominantly for longer trips. It is, therefore, important that you can spot the most common tell-tale signs of when your brake pads are in need of changing or repair.

The two most common signs of brake wear are:

  1. A grinding noise – this usually suggests that the brake pads have reached the minimum thickness. It is advisable that you contact your local Watford autocentre to have your brakes checked and suitably repaired.
  2. Pull to the left or right when braking – this normally indicates there could be a sticking on the brake disc or issues with the brake’s hydraulics.

Brake Checks

Our brake check facility gives a clear picture of the condition of your vehicle’s brakes, whether you need new brake pads, brake discs or if the braking system itself is in need of repair. All elements are inspected against the manufacturer’s specification, which means Motorsolve will help you get your brakes back to the most efficient standard.

To have the masters at Motorsolve Car Repairs work their wonders on your brakes give us a call today on 01923 239 460 or email us at