Number One Car Brake Specialists

While driving around Watford, car brakes are very important. Yes, you knew that anyway but do you know just how dangerous faulty brakes are? They are the things that stop your car, enough said!

Hey… We Fix Car Brakes!

If you’re going to get anyone to fix car brakes for you then it should be us. Our Brake Centre is second to none. You won’t find a better team than ours in the whole of Watford.

We use the best equipment along with modern techniques. All the mechanics are fully trained and qualified and constantly have your safety in mind and will glance a trained eye over the rest of your car. If we notice any other problems, like the need for a clutch replacement or wheel alignment we’ll let you know.

Even the best driver gets into the odd accident on the roads. If something unexpected happens you are going to need to rely on your brakes in a split second so you better hope they work! If you think your brakes might need to be looked over then bring them to us. There’s nothing about brakes our mechanics couldn’t tell you.

To have the masters at Motorsolve Car Repairs work their wonders on your brakes give us a call today on 01923 239 460 or email us at